Friday, March 2, 2012

Let the journey begin!

The idea of letting people know what occupies ones mind needs the willingness to share for the sake of the thought. But the idea of being put to test for your thought is upsetting. The realization, that the thought is indeed its own identity and stands to the interpretation of the onlooker has to be absorbed. Now, that I re-realise atleast seemingly to some extent, the same thing triggered by a warming discussion with a friend, I guess I should ignite the spirit with the introduction into the journey of blogging.

So here we go.... Bon Voyage!!

There is fun in writing on a notepad instead of MS-word!
You are liable for your grammar, punctuations, spelling errors and sentence construction.
It helps one, or atleast, it helps me to think straight. The thought flow maintains its rhythm. The auto correction to me comes as an obstruction to my writing.
So, when I write, I first put it down on the notepad and then, if the need remains, I copy paste the entire thing once on word, to see if it has to object somewhere.
Pleasantly enough, I haven’t faced many corrections! (I advertently made a mistake once just to check if it is working!)

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  1. Interesting. I hope you are serious about writing this time :)