Thursday, November 24, 2011

For the sake of Love.. (3)

People grow with time. And perceptions change. To keep up with the wave of life, struggle to keep up with oneself ensures introspection. A thinking mind is a gift for healthy survival.

He is perturbed about his future. A job doesn't seem to come easily.
She knows she will create something worthwhile, but the worry hasn't overpowered, at-least yet.

He knows that she loves him.
She knows she is loved back.

He needs to get through the fight in his mind, to live his potential.
She needs to keep patient as this happens.

He has to accept himself and the world.
She needs to remain patient.

He has to fight himself at the right times.
She just can wait.

Will he see through his idiosyncrasies and do what needs to be done??
Can she keep her calm and love him for whatever he makes of himself?!!

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