Thursday, April 7, 2011

For the sake of Love..(2)

It has been quite some time which wasnt particularly "quiet". In all the hustle bustle of the city of Delhi, there are lives which lay unsatisfied, unsure, unsafe and still determined to mkae a difference. These lonely souls are on a lookout for something different that would create a pep in their lives. The loud music in friday night DJs is not loud enough to fill the void they carry. It is in such circumstances, that the youth find it even more challenging to concentrate on the task in hand.

She wants to witness loud music and dense crowd.
He detest it all.

She would meet hundred people, and come back distracted.
He would meet not many, but is happy and content.

She wants to move out and admire the paintings, exhibitions and monuments.
He would rather find a food joint.

She would read a light story, mostly to entertain.
He would sit in his quiet room, reading all flavours, mostly non-fiction.
Atleast they read together!

Do such ends ever meet? 

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