Monday, December 13, 2010

For the sake of Love..(1)

This is a story of a girl who loved herself and a boy who loved this girl.

"A self made man", or so he called himself.
With 23 years of life, he had lived everything he had imagined. Infact he got things, only after he imagined. A sceptic by nature, he carried himself with the confidence of a king. A tough chap one would never want to mess up with. A thinker by attitude, the air around him commanding challenge.

With 22 years of life, she had always realized after receiving, be it an admission or a salary. A devout by nature, she always hid her true self from people. This self loving personality kept herself wrapped in her ego. A fortunate person with all the happiness pouring in, except a true love.

He needs someone who would keep him happy.
She doesnt know how to make someone happy.

He loves with an open heart and even despises with love, unless it is misunderstood, ofcourse.
She loves with a feeling of given. The given of life, the love.

He looks for constant presence.
She takes the presence as a given.

Lets call him a perfect man. someone who would love his wife for her being his wife and nothing less.
Lets call her a "given" girl. Everything she attains, is a given. So no special efforts should be needed to maintain it.

And then they met..

I dont know what this will lead to. But while I come back and take this forward in the next blog, tell me if you have "been there". Comment how this could go forward. Lets see if we can make it work for them..

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