Friday, March 2, 2012

Working Notes: On re-realization and mockery

On re-realization:

I strongly believe that the resistance to a lot of thoughts come as a reaction to the impact it had the last time it was witnessed. A lot of clich├ęd lessons generally relating to self-awareness, create repulsion or a tendency to overlook its applicability. Knowing its validity is one thing, accepting it into our mind is quite another.

The next time I attend a human-values lecture or a self help talk, I will try to put it in the framework where I put aside my prejudice and then listen. To react with irritating or repulsive reaction is the easiest choice. So every single attempt at letting that feeling pass and listen patiently would be a small victory!

After all most of the wisdom reaches us much before we realize it. It also rewinds and replays its lesson untempth number of times, mostly without a conscious effort!!

I was talking to a friend who as I would do too, wanted to convince me on her view-point. While I did get her perspective, it amazed me (re-realization) that one would put in ones entire reasoning and negotiation skill to get through what one strongly believes. Having the last word creates a kind of power that goes beyond happiness! As the conversation closed, when I let her have the last word, I wondered at how powerfully the statement holds:
"When in doubt, exchange roles"
For every problem that she faced, I helped her with comforting words. Every time I faltered, she did the same. The irony being, we almost had similar sermons to quote to each other till their re-realization dawned!

On Mockery:
One thing that I truly loathe is mockery. To laugh or show someone low, for the sake of the satisfaction drawn out of it is appalling. There I just one thought that I have:

"Humility gains its value, for what you mock at today, may be exactly where you stand, and that time could be just a blink away!!"

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