Thursday, September 17, 2009

Strange People

What if one fine day, you get up to welcome the morning and what welcomes you is a string of questions you have no answer to..??....Yes!!! That sounds familiar. Doesn't that...??

And what if those questions challenge your very being, and you got to explain what you are, and to those who don't even know themselves.... Beleive me guys....u gotta do it.... They are all kind of crap, but then they are all what makes the world and they want to know everything that is around, everything that they cannot manage.... for what brings up their questions is the astonishment to the fact that someone, somehow is faring better. How can someone know everything that they never even imagined..... and what follows is a drama which portrays their frustration and inability to accept that there is someone better and yes, this promotes their unintentional actions which defy them and these confused people are all what make the world. It was your fine morning only till the moment you realized that there are others too and you got to live with and share with and care for all those things that may or may not matter. But what matters is that they are there.

Amongst this crowd, stand some poles which they call the landmarks (because they know the root). But somehow unfortunately this metaphor completely overrules the existence of any emotion or reaction for that matter. I wish it was true because then it couldn't have hurt anybody.

And then there is another morning when the people suddenly realize that "Oh! These are the landmarks"...and so... with this realization dawns upon them another string of expectations which snatches away the right of those few poles to err and mind you, this time there will be no second chances because for their contemplation there is no second world and there are no second kind of people. People are either like them or the poles. You tell them they are wrong, you tell them to reconsider and that is the end of it. Because reconsideration requires acceptance. Acceptance of a different viewpoint, a different set of emotions and the acceptance that there is someone better than them, who is not perfect and still fares better.

Life is meant to be simple... Then why these "Starnge People " turn it tough. Is it just the acceptance or I missed something??

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