Monday, June 24, 2013


While it has been some time that I last organized a party, this is the first time I will host it all by myself. Till now, I had my mother to take care of food and my father took responsibility for provisions. I just had to ideate and invite.

This time it so happens that I am married. And by the virtue of that, I have my own home- A completely functional faculty with all the attributes of a home I had ever wished. The occasion happens to be a birthday celebration. I have 4 cousins coming over for the day. None of them married yet. So the onus of cooking and arranging and planning lies upon us, the host couple.
The anxiety, if my dear reader would appreciate, is driven my the idea of making the day full of fun and frolic for by guests. I think I will plan a birthday cake, some heart-warming morning breakfast of Poha-Jalebi, a royal lunch and an evening outing. I don't think it will be a big deal to handle this event. I have been cooking for 5 months now, so that is not a worry. My cousins love me, so criticism too isn't on the plate.
Why the fret then?
Well because it is "my" birthday, we are talking about. It's my quarter century birthday celebration. Believe me, I don't want to spend the day serving good food and being a good host. I would like to take a back seat for the day and just enjoy when someone else lays down the execution of his/her surprise plan.
I am writing this onto the blog in the hope that it will not be read by any of my guests. I would love to have them around. They are amongst the few people I love to have around. But pardon me the responsibilities of being a host that day. Please!!

Just a week, before I post a blog on how it all turned out! 
Till then, hoping to have my day on my terms :P

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